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Mystical Fairy and Wizard Party

Your child will have the birthday party of their dreams, creating their own magical fairy or wizard home for their special day!

Imagine a mystical land where fairies and wizards really do live and watch over your children? During this unique birthday party, your child has the opportunity to tap into their creative sides to design their own magical fairy or wizard land. Within their own terrarium, party-goers will paint and/or bedazzle their new friend’s home and use their imagination to create their entire environment using feathers, glitter, gems and more! To the delight of all, they will then craft their own necklace which will safely hold the one-of-a-kind key to their magical house.

This is a party that is sure to delight children of all ages!

Everyone goes home with the coolest party favor ever: their very own masterpiece to remind them of all the fun they had to include a mystical fairy or wizard house and a key necklace.

Private Studio Party Details and Pricing

  • $435 for groups up to 10 guests, $25 per guest up to 25 guests.

  • Party is 1-hour of creative fun & 30 minutes of celebrating.

  • We provide all paper products, decorations, drinks and water for each child!

  • We will have a crowd pleasing musical playlist ready for you! If your child has a favorite artist, please let us know and we will tune in to the age-appropriate playlist.

  • Doors will open 5 minutes before the party starts. This gives guests ample time to arrive, settle in and socialize, and gives the host time to set up food or other items for the party.

The perfect age for this party:

  • 5 years and up!

 Party dates are not confirmed until receipt of both a signed contract and deposit.

Celebration Gallery

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