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My life is a happy mess!


I don’t know about you, but I spend not nearly the amount of time I need doing the things that make my soul turn up the radio real loud and sing to the top of my lungs. But that’s how I feel about crafting, and that’s why I decided to open up a studio in our community that lets other people do the same. So come join me. Let’s turn up the radio and lose our voices together. Only, um, maybe get a little crafting done at the same time.


xoxo, Shannon






MESSES ARE FUN. Crafts shouldn’t take a full day to set up and take down, so we take away the work and give you a place to play.


LAUGHTER MAKES A HAPPY HEART. We laugh at our mistakes and enjoy the lessons that we learn. We won’t judge if your project turns out sideways.


WHISTLE WHILE WE WORK. Coming here is like coming to happy town. We’ll have you whistling and woodworking (or sewing, or creating cards) like Santa’s elves, lickety-split.


EVERY CRAFTMAKER IS AMAZING. Whatever you’re here to CREATE, we want to INSPIRE you and CHEER you on.


OUR HOME IS YOUR HOME. Every face that walks in the door is welcome here, and the more the merrier.


CREATIVITY IS CALMING. Here is where you can let go of your worries and IGNITE your IMAGINATION.

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