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I can't believe it's finally coming true!

I can’t believe my dream of having a creative studio is finally coming true. All because... An amazing friend planted the seed in my head. Thank you, Sara. And my amazing sister, Paula. You never gave up on my dream as it took many paths to finally find its home. We talked every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday on my way home from work and your way to work. You listened to my ups and downs and struggles along the way. Every time telling me that the path to my goal is not a linear path, but one full of beautiful curves and wrong way turns that will eventually lead to me to where I need to be. And you were so right. Thank you, my love. My parents, what can I say? You are my inspiration. It’s because of you that this dream is coming true! You have never laughed at any of your kids' dreams. You have always stood up for us, making us feel like were made of a precious rock that just needed to be cut and polished to find its true beauty. Thank you for putting up with me and all of my Shanagans. You are who I want to be when I grow up! And lastly, to my amazing husband and kids, thanks for dreaming this dream with me!

xoxo, Shannon

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