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This is Me Take Home Craft Kit!


In this unprecedented time, we have so much swirling around in our heads; thoughts, feelings, and we thought that your kids might be feeling the same way. 


With this kit, your child can journal their feeling and thoughts through art.


We have created a form for you to fill out telling us a little about them and a place to download photos too. We will print their pictures, number age and their favorite thing to do or quote. This way when they look back at this time they can remember what an adventure this was for them. 


Please go to to fill out the form. 


This kit includes laser-printed pictures of your child, their age and their favorite thing to do/personalized quote, a 10x10 canvas, a bottle of Mod Podge, a foam brush, an alphabet stencil with shapes, a scrapbook paper, newspaper clippings, magazine clippings, detail paint, brush and more!

This is Me Take Home Craft Kit!

SKU: 25
  • Delivery is available for 5 or more kits at $20 per location


  • Please call us at 917-721-3470 if you would like shipped.

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